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North West Beekeeping is committed to serving the community of beekeepers by providing the most current and applicable beekeeping training for the Great North West. Our goal is to teach you about the bees so that you will know how to keep them. While beekeeping is a worthwhile endeavor it does requires  somewhat of a commitment.  Therefore, we have the resources to teach everyone from the the hobbyist to the commercial beekeeper. Below are a list of training opportunities that may fit your needs.

WASBA Certifications

  WASBA offers a four-level education program that educates the beekeepers while providing them the opportunity to earn a certification. The certification are listed below:

Beginning Beekeepers – for those who are thinking about keeping bees but are not really sure. There are no requirements.

Apprentice – is for those who have successfully completed the Beginning Beekeeper’s Course with one or more years of keeping bees experience who wish to continue their beekeeping education and certifications. (click to see more>>>).

Journeyman – is for those who have completed the Apprentice Beekeeper Course and have been keeping bees for at least 3 years. They must keep a journal for a minimum of 2 years while earning at least 35 Public Service Points. Have mentored a beekeeper and passing the Journeyman Beeker’s Course with a score of 85% and the Journeyman Field Test Report with a score of no less than 90%. (click to see more>>>).

Master Beekeeper – The Master level program is currently being reconstructed by WSU and will be available upon completion.

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   Everyday 22 veterans take their own lives leaving love ones behind wondering what could they have done. We that know while the PSTD and other mental disorders are the cause of these tragic events we had decided to do something about it.  Partnering with GRUB, VETC, WDVA, WASBA and a host of other partners we have started Healing through Hives (HTH) to serve the most at rest veterans in our community. HTH is a program teaching veterans all levels of beekeeping to include commercial beekeeping. At this time we currently have two active sites and are working on two more. If you are interested in participation in this program please contact us at


 Our workshops are designed to give  the newest beekeepers confidence in their abilities to care for the honey bees. While these workshops are normally free of charge they provide critical incite need to manage a honey bee colony. If you wish to attend any of our workshops please subscribe to our newsletter to get the current schedule as we opperate on a first come first serve basis. Here are some of the workshops that we offer:  Inspect a Hive,   Intergraded Pest Management (IPM),   Splitting a Hive,  Working your way around the Hive,  Testing and Treating for Mites,  Preparing the Colony for Winter.


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