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WASBA Apprentice Beekeeping Course

  The Apprentice Beekeeping Course is designed for the person who has had at least one year of hands-on beekeeping, has taken the Beginning Beekeeping class, and wants to know more about honey bees and beekeeping management practices. While the Beginning Beekeeping Course provides basic information for the person who is in the process of making up their mind or who has decided to start beekeeping, the Apprentice Course is for the person who wants to have more in-depth information.

WASBA Certifications

  WASBA offers a four-level education program to educate beekeepers that includes testing and certification for those interested in learning successful apiary management.

Beginning Beekeepers – for those who are thinking about keeping bees but are not really sure. There are no requirements.

Apprentice – is for those who have successfully completed the Beginning Beekeeper’s Course with one or more years of keeping bees. (click to see more>>>).

Journeyman – is for those who have completed the Apprentice Beekeeper Course and have been keeping bees for at least 3 years. They must keep a journal for a minimum of 2 years while earning at least 35 Public Service Points. Have mentored a beekeeper and passing the Journeyman Beeker’s Course with a score of 85% and the Journeyman Field Test Report with a score of no less than 90%. (click to see more>>>).

Master Beekeeper – The Master level program is for the committed beekeeper who wants to be involved in an independent study on beekeeping related topics with the intent of not only furthering their own knowledge but also expanding the information currently available on honey bees and beekeeping. (click to see more>>>).